All-in-one DeFi Platform

Manage, borrow, lend, invest and insure, your crypto assets in one place.

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Unique Features

X-Wallet makes DeFi easy, safe and powerful.

Best DeFi Products

We support Compound, MakerDAO, Uniswap, Dharma and more.

Safe and Private

We connect to your existing wallets in the most secure way.

X-Wallet Smart Protocols

We empower developers to innovate and build better products for the future.

Open-source Platform

X-Wallet's open-source protocols allow anyone to build new financial products on top of them.

Imagine all your can do with DeFi

Manage all your crypto assets in one place.

Earn interest on your crypto assets.

Seamless exchange of tokens.

Stake and earn returns.

Innovative Blockchain Solution

All-dimensional sharding & Ultimate Scalability

Why X-Wallet´╝č

Powerful DeFi management that provides profit, freedom and convenience.


  • This is as close to a
  • decentralized bank as you can get.
  • X-Wallet is
  • leading the way.


  • I love the way you
  • show all the balances in one place,
  • saving a lot of trouble
  • toggling back and forth.

Lisa Margaret

  • Explored X-Wallet,
  • this is a stunning product
  • with a lot of upswing
  • movements. Great work!